About Ronny Pannhorst

Ronny established his enterprise in 2013, a decision spurred by a decade and a half of service at his father’s company. Over those years, he garnered substantial expertise and forged connections within the automotive industry, particularly in the realm of classic and collectible cars. His profound enthusiasm lies in the acquisition and sale of automobiles. Moreover, he offers consignment services, ensuring customers experience exceptional support.


Raised amidst the finest automobiles, Ronny’s fascination kindled at an early age, an ardor that persists unabated. His readiness to embark on global journeys in pursuit of the finest automobiles remains unwavering.

We moved to a new location!

With the beginning of 2021, we moved to our new facility in Neuss which is directly next to Düsseldorf.


Space is not an issue anymore and in addition to that we are able to offer different services in-house now.


The international airport of Düsseldorf and the famous city center are very close by.